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Inger Solberg

5806_392257090944955_677483643947793551_n Inger Solberg is a Scandinavian Designer based in India. She started working out of India over two decades ago and has been Designing and exporting garments from India to many fashion houses worldwide.

Over the past 4 years she has been working with Designing resort wear to her own boutique in Goa as well as exports to boutiques in other countries.

The mix of Indian fabrics with her western cut gives each garment a unique bohemian luxurious look. The styles are made for women who like to stand out and  be individual and different.

The fabrics are mostly hand embroidered by village women. The garments which are assorted will therefore be individual so not one garment will be the same. Each garment will have a mix of variant colours.
Inger has a team of workers who are trained to stich and understand the shape & finishing of the unique garments.

All SOLBERG”S Designs can easily be mixed and matched into each other to give you that little extra special look.

Inger’s life in India has been so extra ordinary that she has penned a book about her experiences.
The book which is called Pushpa has become famous in this part of the world, is about her Journey in India searching for business opportunities and true love.
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